Lucid Floor

Product Features

– Material: 100% Polyester
– Max. Printable Width: 16’2”
– Length: 164’
– Weight: 115g/m2
– Thickness: .25 – .30 mm
– Applicable to the most solid substrates: concrete, plywood, backerboard, etc.
– Monolithic.
– Highly durable, waterproof, stain & scratch-resistant.
– Anti-skid surface.
– Permanent and low maintenance.
– All graphics are UV-protected.
– Sustainable building product. Low VOC.
– Made in USA and Germany.Lucid Floor is formulated to hold up to industrial strength cleaners including bleach, ammonia, and degreasers. Our UL Rated Anti-Skid surface ensure that your guests will remain secure even when the surface gets wet.